Type - Ultraviolet and Infrared

Ultraviolet and Infrared flashlights. Since UV and IR light are outside the visual range of most humans, the LEDs also emit a small amount of visible light for easy verification that the flashlight is functioning.

With an LED, a specific wavelength of UV can be selected. 365nm is near the middle of the UVA spectrum while 395nm is very close to visible light. UVA is safer than UVB and UVC - avoid aiming a UV light at flesh for prolonged periods and avoid aiming the light into eyes. Ultraviolet can be used for a variety of work or fun related activities.

When it comes to fun, UV can cause a glowing effect with light coloured items (more noticable with white). I have also heard that UV can charge glow in the dark items faster, so I will be testing that.

For work related activities, I've heard of more uses than I can test. I will be testing some uses such as ring worm identification on animals. If you have heard of any potential uses for UV lights that you would like tested with a 395nm UVA light, let us know.

Infrared flashlights can enhance the use of infrared vision devices - or so I've heard. We do not currently carry infrared flashlights, but they are available - if you are interested in an infrared flashlight, contact us and we will look into the cost of getting one in.