Type - Mounts and Bands

Bike mounts can be used to attach a flashlight to a bike - while not as great as a dedicated bike light, this option is cheaper than a dedicated bike light.

Gun mounts are designed to attach a tactical flashlight to a gun for hands free use of the flashlight and keeping it aimed where the gun is aimed.

Headbands can be used to attach a variety of smaller (EDC and pocket) sized flashlights to the user's head. This can be a little awkward since the flashlight has to be mounted to one side of the head, but this is a cheaper option than getting a dedicated headlamp that is usually centered on the front of the head.

Wristbands have several uses. These can be used to attach some headbands to the wrist instead of the head or attach a holster for a small flashlight to the wrist - or even the ankle.