We have been getting a lot of solicitations recently encouraging us to stock products, sometimes these are manufacturers and other times redisributers... but occasionaly they are fellow resellers. In any case, I've decided to touch on our views for solicitation, either to us or by us.

When do we solicit?

- Search engine advertising. We're an online company so we want to be found online.

- Other online advertising. If we can and it makes sense then we will.

- Facebook and Twitter. We post to Facebook with it also posting to Twitter. We might try 'promoting' our posts some time, but otherwise only followers will see our posts.

- Email. We have an email list that can be signed up for through our site either through the 'newsletter' form or when placing an order. We do not 'cold contact' or purchase email lists - so if you got our newsletter then you or someone else may have signed you up to our list (there is a link in the newsletter to unsubscribe). It is also possible that someone has forwarded (usually noted as Fwd: in the subject line) it to you, check the source email address.

- Phone. We currently do not cold call. If we ever cold call, it will be to a business that we believe could benefit from our products. However, we recieve cold calls ourselves and know just how bothersome they can be, so I doubt we will ever actually do this.

- In person. We're enthusiats. We may know a person or have just met, but we like to show off our flashlights. Of course, we're then going to talk about our store and even hand out business cards so others can get these great flashlights. We are currently out of business cards... (May 2016)


Our policy is to be visible. We want people to find us - not be found by us.


Looking to solicit us?

There are four ways to contact us:

1) Email - There is a good chance I will see the email but there are no promises that I will respond.

2) Phone - Depending on what you are offering, we may or may not listen to the details. Don't get pushy and insist that we keep listening to the offer. Odds are that we will hang up fairly quick.

3) In Person - Don't just show up. Call and see if we are interested, we can then make an appointment. If you happen to meet us in person, a short discussion is okay - we might even show you our flashlights and try to upsell to you.

4) Mail - We may or may not open it, depending on a few things.

I will discuss more about those methods further down the page, but before that...


What to do before contacting us:

First off, look at what we are selling. Start with the categories at the top of the page then the sub-categories (shown on the left side of the page).

Flashlights - Sub-categories have them sorted by type and also by brand. These are our main products.

Batteries - Sub-categories have them sorted by chemistry and by size. These are mostly a selection based on the flashlights we carry.

Knives - Sub-categories are by brand.


If we use 'Re' in an email subject line then we are responding to an email we received. We will use 'Fwd' in the subject line only when redirecting an email, typically by request.

Those looking to contact us, do not use 're' or 'fwd' for a cold-contact - we often ignore or delete such emails shortly after opening them and without reading more than a line or two.

If you just read that last line and tried to think of a way to get us to keep reading... the easy solution is don't use 're' or 'fwd'. I will read a full cold-contact email that doesn't include either of those in the subject line.

Good Examples:
March, 2015 - Subject: "New Supplier - Folding Flashlight / Lantern" - Results: I still have it tagged to read later. I read the whole thing and never got around to responding - the lantern looked cool but didn't have enough information. At the time, I was considering trying to visit them in person to see it myself... since they are located only a few hours away
September, 2015 - Subject: "professional titanium edc manufacturer" - Results: Not much information - not sure what they are selling other than 'made of titantium'. We would have to request a catalogue PDF, but at least that is mentioned as an option. Does have a website, so I just now tagged it to check the site some time.

Bad Examples:
May, 2016 - Subject: "Re: Can OEM your 1200mm ..." - Results: Read that much of the subject, checked the origin email address, moved on. Now, to write this I've actually looked at it, one sentence in the email - so ended up reading the whole thing. Not sure what they are selling due to a lack of information. Asked us to call to discuss details - has phone number but nothing to help us determine time zone and no time frame to call in... so we would have to guess when to call, if we were even interested in calling. I have now deleted it.
Sept, 2015 - Subject: "Re: electric bike battery ..." - Results: I ignored it then. Just skimmed it and the battery information is formatted poorly (hard to read). This is also not a product we carry - though, this looks like they are trying to get a sale, not a reseller. No prices, only information available is through contacting them... they provide a contact email so I could see if they have a website, but I just don't care. Deleted now.


If contacting us, keep in mind that our primary focus is flashlights, everything else are suitable accents.

Information should be available for a product before considering contacting us. If we carry similar products then check our more recent listing for these products. We like to see and provide a lot of information for our customers. Given the choice, we would rather omit data on our site that is available on the manufacturer's site. Enthusiasts will check the manufacturer's site before buying from us while casual users just want to know if it is good.

We will not even consider a product that provides little information since we can't determine how good it is. I am still in the process of determining what information is required and what information we would just like to have. The more information you can provide for us, the better we can determine if we have interest in it - not enough and we won't consider it.

For flashlights, the four main brands we carry and their infromation provided are:
Peak LED Solutions - Not enough, need far more
Fenix - A little light, want more
Armytek - Reasonable, would like more
Eagletac - Great, but could still use some more
(That's right, even the one providing the most is lacking.)


Free samples are a big plus. If it costs us nothing and we can get one or two samples to try ourselves then it can go a long way since we can try the product ourselves. While we would appreciate it, we know the cost of providing free samples so we will not expect any. Only consider this is you believe your product competes well with similar products we carry.

Don't require that we place an order to recieve a free sample - that isn't free. Call it a bonus flashlight with the order. Warning, this is a bad offer to come from a manufacturer or supplier that is cold contacting us - even if we have conversed a bit. We aren't opposed to getting bonus flashlights, but don't try and use that as a selling point for us to place an order.