Pens and Notepads

Pens and notepads designed for tough conditions. These are great for use in survival kits, camp supplies and other outdoors conditions - that doesn't mean they aren't great in an office as well.

Fisher Space Pens are designed to work in space, so they can't rely on gravity like regular, cheap pens. The pressurized ink cartridge results in some extra benefits like writing upside down or even under water. The pressurized ink cartridge also means the pen doesn't stop working until the cartridge is as empty as it can get, unlike gravity pens that can start failing while still half full of ink. One cartridge is estimated to write 12,000 ft (over 3.6 km).

"Rite in the Rain" all weather paper retains both pencil and ink writing in heavy rain, sweat, oil, grease, mud, grime and even laundry mishaps.