Parachute Cord

Nylon 550lb parachute cord (or paracord) is used for more than just parachutes. So often it is used while camping, boating, crabbing, gardening and more. Some additional examples of the ways paracord has been used are clotheslines, halyard line, venetian blinds, awning lines, tethers... and that just barely scratches the surface. If the situation requires a cord with strength and durability then paracord can be used (and likely has been). It is not uncommon to find someone wearing a paracord bracelet so they always have a cord on hand for when the need arises.

Paracord is also available as micro (1.12mm) and nano (0.75mm) versions. While made of similar material and construction, their thinner properties make them unsuitabe for parachutes yet still suitable for outdoors and survival situations. When it comes to paracord accessories (bracelets, key rings, etc) the smaller can make for smaller versions, more complex patterns or mixed with regular paracord for size contrast.