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Shipping Methods

Shipping Location

All shipments are from our office, located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

We stock what we ship and will not drop ship.

Even on a special order we will have it shipped to us and then we will ship it to the customer.

This makes for quicker shipping times (typically same day or next business day) and quicker verification of inventory.


If there are any issues with an order (inventory error, restricted items for shipping method) then we will attempt to contact the customer.

If we are unable to contact the customer, we will adjust the order to be valid and refund as appropriate before shipping. We may cancel and refund the entire order if we do not feel the adjusted order would be worth it for the customer.


Shipping Delays

While we typically ship every business day at 3:00 pm, events may delay shipment (such as power outages).

In these events, we will not contact the customer unless we believe the delay will take more than a couple business days.


Shipping Options

When choosing how to have an order shipped, these are the options available.


Local Pick Up

By appointment, pick up an order from our office location in Abbotsford. After selecting this option, contact us to make an appointment.

Delivery: When the customer can come to our offices.

Shipping Insurance: Not Required

Tracking: Not Required

Charge: None

Any order placed within BC can select this option (devices must identify as being within BC). Any orders while visiting us in person will automatically be using this shipping.


Free Shipping

Only available for orders within Canada that are over $100 CAD before taxes. Any orders selecting this shipping method will be sent Expedited.

To clarify, if Expedited shipping is selected for such an order then it will also charge $0 for shipping.

Delivery: Expedited (2 - 9 Business Days)

Tracking: Yes

Shipping Insurance: $100 (provided by Canada Post)

Charge: None



Available for orders within Canada and the USA.

Delivery: Expedited (Canada 2-9 Business Days) (USA 4+ Business Days)

Shipping Insurance: $100 (provided by Canada Post)

Tracking: Yes

Charge: Yes (Canada - based on province) (USA - uniform for the country)


  • Under $75: Full Shipping Cost
  • $75 to $100: Discounted Shipping Cost
  • Over $100: Free Shipping


  • Under $100 CAD: Full Shipping Cost
  • Over $100 CAD: $10 CAD Shipping


Highly flammable items cannot be shipped (fire starter gel, lighter fluid)


Express (Xpress) (Air)

Available for orders within Canada and the USA.

--- Do not use for orders within BC's Lower Mainland as this is an air service and within the Lower Mainland the parcel will not require air transit.

Delivery: Express / Air (Canada 2 Business Days) (USA 4+ Business Days)

Shipping Insurance: $100 (provided by Canada Post) (May not be available for all USA shipments)

Tracking: Yes (May not be available for all USA shipments)

Charge: Yes (Based on weight of parcel)

--- We have had a couple orders find a way to get Express shipping to be free. Any orders taking advantage of this - yet to be reported to us - glitch will instead be shipped Expedited.


All items restricted from Expedited shipping.

Li-Ion Batteries cannot be air shipped.


Courier (By Request)

Due to the cost of using couriers, we do not offer this as a default option on our site.

This is only available by request and must be entirely covered by the customer - our preference is to use the customer's account for the courier.

FedEx is currently an available option so we can still ship while Canada Post is out of service. We may leave it active when Canada Post returns, or turn it off until needed again.


Special Order Shipping

A special order is when we need to order in product to fill the order or there are extra costs to us for the order. Additional shipping charges will likely be applied to such orders, beyond the regular shipping costs.


Large Special Order

If the order is for enough product that it is effectively a regular order for us, then we will apply a portion of the cost of shipping to the customer. Typically for these large volume orders, we are offering a discount per item such that the shipping cost is not longer being covered.

When we order the products to fill these orders, if we only need a few items for ourselves then we will also order anything we need to restock.


Moderate Special Order 

If the order doesn't meet the minimum set by our supplier or is undersized considering the shipping costs from our supplier, we apply a portion of the cost of shipping to the customer - how much shipping cost we apply is based on how much (if any) of a discount was applied to the special order.

When we order the products to fill these orders, we must also order additional stock for ourselves - to be able to place the order or keep the prices down due to shipping costs.


Small Special Order

If only a few items are requested, how much of the shipping cost we apply depends on if we are able to assemble a large enough order for ourselves.

Request List - If the customer is willing to wait until we can get the product in, we will add the item(s) to our list for our next order and contact the customer when we get it in stock. Since we are waiting until we place an order, no additional shipping costs will be applied.

Good Timing - If we were planning on placing an order with the supplier soon anyway, we just add the item(s) to our order. Since we are already placing an order, no additional shipping costs will be applied.

Extra Cost - If we do not require restocking from the supplier and the customer is willing to pay extra then we will place an order. If we can just order in the items requested by the customer then we will just order those items and apply the full cost of shipping from our supplier to our customer. If our supplier has a purchase minimum, we will assemble an order for ourselves.

Redirect - If none of the above conditions apply then we will instruct our customer to find another reseller.


Customer Responsibilities

Ensure the shipping address is correct. MackOutdoors is not responsible for orders shipped to a wrong address if it was provided by the customer.

Pick up orders promptly. If Canada Post is unable to deliver a parcel then they will leave a card for pick up from the local post office. They will typically hold such parcels for 5 business days before returning them to us. Orders returned to us because they were not picked up will not be shipped again until the customer has covered the additional shipping costs.

American customers are responsible for knowing about and paying any duties or taxes that may be charged on recieving their order.


Fraudulant Orders

Due to the number of fraudulant orders we have recieved, if an order appears to be fraudulant then we will attempt to contact the customer to confirm their identity, their location and the order. There are many factors that can indicate a fraudulant order.

If we are unable to get in touch with a customer about an order that appears fraudulant, or insufficient information was provided, then we will cancel and refund the order.

How to avoid appearing fraudulant:

Use a verified PayPal account. This is can be achieved through a verification process through PayPal.