Shipping Information

Important : Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries can only be shipped by Ground or Expedited. Canada post does not allow the shipping of Li-ion batteries via air services.

Due to excessive fraudulant orders, we no longer accept international orders. If you would like to order from outside Canada or the United States, please look for a reseller in your area (for South Asia, it will likely be cheaper to order direct from the manufacturer - if permitted). If you are still unable to find a closer source, contact us with proof of a verified PayPal account in good standing - then we might consider accepting your order.

We request that a verified PayPal account be used for orders in the United States.



Shipping Methods

We do not drop ship. We stock what we sell.


Shipping Time

Shipments are typically out at 3:00 pm, Wednesday to Friday. If a delay occurs, we will attempt to contact the customer when we are able to.


Shipping Options

Local Pickup - make an appointment to visit our office.

Expedited (Ground) - our default shipping method. Free for orders over $100 within Canada.

Express (Air) - available. Not available for Li-Ion and Lithium based batteries. Not recommended for orders shipping within the Lower Mainland of BC.

Courier - by request only and at customer's full expense. Contact us to use this method.


Payment Options

PayPal - payment can be made using a PayPal account. If the account is verified, this can help avoid potential shipping issues.

Credit Card - these are processed through PayPal (check with PayPal for cards they can process). This can be done without needing a PayPal account, proceed with choosing to pay with PayPal and there will be a step to use PayPal as a Guest.

eTransfer - this can be easier if your online banking supports it. After completing an order using this option, just go to your online banking interface and follow the steps to send the invoiced amount. Additional details are provided when selecting this payment method.

Cash - when making a purchase in person, this is an available option.


Special Orders

We accept special orders. These can be for larger volumes of items we already carry or items we don't carry but can get through one of our suppliers.


Customer Responsibility

Ensure the supplied shipping address is correct - we are not responsible for shipments going missing due to errors in the shipping address.

Pick up shipments quickly - if Canada Post leaves a card for pick up and the parcel isn't picked up then it is returned to us. We will not re-ship until the customer has covered the cost of re-shipping.

American customers are responsible for any duties or taxes that may be applied to their order.


Fraudulant Orders

If there are issues with an order, we will attempt to verify the order. If it cannot be verified, we will cancel and refund the order.

To avoid any issues that may arrise, use a verified PayPal account.


We have additional shipping method information available: Shipping Methods



Shipment Packing

We use plain brown boxes for most shipments - where possible, we will use boxes that we received a shipment in.

We use any packing materials that were used when shipping to us - avoiding purchasing new material as much as we can.

We pack the parcel to secure the products so they won't 'rattle' in the box. Batteries are packed such to avoid risks of damage or short.

Heavier items are packed towards the bottom of the parcel with the shipping label on top of the parcel.


We have additional shipment packing information available: Shipment Packing



If those don't answer your questions, check our FAQ.

If that still doesn't answer your questions, fill our our Contact Us form. Or email us directly at (which is what the contact us form does).