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Shipping FAQ

Frequently(-ish) Asked Shipping Questions

Okay, we haven't been asked questions about shipping very frequently, but these have been asked.


Q: Why don't you ship outside Canada and the US?

A: We just didn't get that many orders outside of North America and almost all of them were fraudulant orders using stolen credit cards or identities. It is also cheaper for customers to order from a more local reseller if they are outside of North America - or even order direct form the manufacturer, if available.


Q: Why don't you offer free shipping in the US?

A: It costs us extra to ship from Canada into the US. We could save shipping costs by driving across the border to send it but that adds fuel costs and time that would make it the same or more than what we currently charge. If shipping to the States becomes cheaper for us than we will adjust our rates accordingly.


Q: Is it worth it to push for Free or Flat Rate shipping?

A: Yes and no. It depends on how close the order is and if you could make use of the item that will put it over that mark.

- For American orders, clearing $100 CAD knocks off about $15 CAD (subject to change). So an order currently over $85 CAD is great to push over the $100 CAD mark to get items for those $15. (The customer is responsible for any duties or taxes required on delivery for orders shipped into the States.)

- For Canadian orders, it is a little more complicated as taxes are applied to the order. We discount shipping based on pre-tax totals. The discount is about $4 - $5 for orders over $75 so it can be worth it for an order over $70 to push for $75. Free shipping is at $100 and can range from $10-$20 (depending on province) so it can be worth it to push if the order is $85 - $90.
The best way to know if clearing $100 is worth it is to check the shipping (start the checkout process) and see if the shipping will put the pre-tax total to over $100. If it does then it is worth it to find something you would like that will put it just over $100.
For the $75 mark it is a little more complicated. The simplest solution is if the order is currently between $70 and $75 then look for an item under $75 that you would likely make use of (usually found in the survival supplies - such as paracord, mini-kits, compasses or other supplies) then yes.

To go overboard with determining if it is worth it, check out these Shipping Examples.