Shipping Examples

The data on this page is not solid data. Numbers are just for theory purposes to help demonstrate the logic used to determine when to push for free or flat rate shipping.

To determine the shipping costs for an order, assemble the desired order and begin the checkout process. After entering the shipping address the cost of shipping can be determined.

Note: If you leave our site after checking the shipping costs but without emptying your cart, an automated email will be sent to remind you about the cart. We currently have the 'abandoned cart notification' email set to send only one email two days after abandonment.

For the examples on this page, these will be the shipping costs used:

  Canada - Western Canada - Central Canada - Eastern   USA
< $75 $12 $14 $16    
$75 - $100 $8 $10 $12 < $100 (~$80 USD) $25 CAD (~$20 USD)
> $100 $0 $0 $0 > $100 (~$80 USD) $10 CAD (~$8 USD)


It seems like this would be complex and require a huge explanation, but it is rather simple:

If the shipping will put you over the threshold then find something the same price as the shipping or less that will still put you over the threshold.

It can't be that simple, can it? I mean, the Americans have to deal with the fact that the threshold and shipping are in Canadian so it fluctuates while Canadians have to deal with taxes applied to it all. There is no way this is simple, right?

Actually, it can be.

We build an order and it lands at exactly $99.99. Wow, we are just a penny short! A penny more and it is free shipping in Canada or $10 CAD into the US. Now we have to pay that extra shipping.

$99.99 Canada - Western Canada - Central Canada - Eastern $99.99 (~$79.99 USD) USA
w/ Shipping + 5% $113.39 $115.49 $117.59 w/ Shipping $124.99 CAD
w/ Shipping + 13% $122.03 $124.29 $126.55    (~$100.00 USD)
w/ Item + 5% $113.39 $115.49 $117.59 w/ $15 CAD Item $124.99 CAD
w/ Item + 13% $122.03 $124.29 $126.55  + Shipping  (~$100.00 USD)

Wait... what are these 'with item' fields in the table about? We found an item that was the exact same price as the cost of shipping (or for the USA, the difference in price). These numbers look suspiciously the same.

This basically means that if we look at the cost of shipping and then find an item that is worth that much or less and it will put us over the $100 CAD threshold then we can effetively get an item for free or less.

There are plenty of survival supplies or even paracord for $8. Eastern Canada has more options with up to $12. The States have even more with their $15 CAD savings for clearing $100 CAD. (Remember, check the actual shipping for your order before picking an item to push over - as the numbers on this page do not represent our actual shipping charges.)

Does this work for the discount on Canadian orders over $75? Well, we would have to check the shipping for an over $75 order and the shipping for under $75... then deduct the over $75 shipping from the under $75 to figure out the savings.

  Canada - Western Canada - Central Canada - Eastern
Shipping Savings $4 $4 $4

For my example, I actually made them all $4 apart. There aren't a lot of options that are $4 or less... mostly small survival tools like a button compass, matches, Fresnel lens and a few other items... so it isn't as easy to find something to push over since not even a pack of Ni-MH batteries are within the $4. Going a touch over the $4 is fine because it is like getting a discount on the item despite spending more. Let's look at being exactly one penny short again... but we'll look at going a little over the shipping savings instead of exactly on it.

$74.99 Canada - Western Canada - Central Canada - Eastern
w/ Shipping + 5% $91.34 $93.44 $95.54
w/ Shipping + 13% $98.30 $100.56 $102.82
w/ $5 Item + Shipping + 5% $92.39 $94.49 $96.59
w/ $5 Item + Shipping + 13% $99.43 $101.69 $103.95
Item X : 5% Cost - $74.99 X : $16.35 X : $18.45 X : $20.55
w/ Item X + Shipping + 5% $104.31 $108.62 $112.92
Item Y : 13% Cost - $74.99 Y : $23.31 Y : $25.57 Y : $27.83
w/ Item Y + Shipping + 13% $120.12 $113.63 * $116.19 *

* Cleared $100 and achieved free shipping. (Western 13% was $1.70 away.)

While we can get a $4 item for the same price as not getting a discount on shipping, we can get a $5 item for about $1-$2 more, after taxes. Another way to look at it is paying only $1-$2 for an item that costs $5.

What about the stuff at the bottom of this table? Well, if we take the cost of the full order after shipping and taxes... then deduct the original order ($74.99) and we get the amount we are spending on shipping and taxes. Now, if we get an item worth that much, what happens? Well, this is really going overboard in looking for saving, but it does work.

That Western 5% at $104.31 is actually getting the $16.35 item for $12.97. The Eastern 5% is getting a $20.55 for $17.38. But the 13% regions have an interesting result when pulling this 'bargain hunting maneuver' - they reach free shipping. Central can get a $25.57 item and clear $100 for free shipping and get that item effectively for $20.19.

This is just going overboard.

At this point, might as well just say 'any order around $75 might as well be pushed to $100 to effectively get things at a discount'. It sounds great to be getting a $27.83 item for $13.37... but that is still $13.37 more then without the item. This is fine if the we have the money to spend and will use the item... however, if we don't intend on using the item or don't have the budget room for the extra cost then we shouldn't do it. If we can't afford the extra expense in the budget but really want that $27.83 item, maybe hold onto the money and wait for a little extra to open in the budget to then place the order.



Anyone willing to check the cost of shipping and find an item to just push it over might as well - spend the same amount or less to get something extra.

Anyone just looking for the best deal will want to push the order over $100 CAD.. spend more but get a deal for it.