This page has been up for over a year - since March 19, 2014. Anyone want to give us a review here using Disqus? We have a few good reviews over on Facebook - I know, it's hard to come up with something to say.

Just tell it how it is.
How long did it take for use to respond to your email? A day, a week... two months?
How quick did you get the shipping email after placing an order? A few days, a few hours, thirty minutes (I don't think I can be that fast)?
How fast did you recieve your order? Long or shorter than the time estimate? How far are you from us (other end of the country, a province/state or two away, couple hours drive - keep in mind, we are based in Abbotsford)?
Did we make any mistakes on your order? Wrong LED version? Forgot an accessory?
If you made an appointment and met us in person, were we helpful? Were you overwhelmed? Did you get what you wanted or something else once you saw the difference?

Don't bother with any 'stars' or '# out of X' ratings. What do they even mean? Was the shipment fast? Did you just like talking with us? Is it a low rating because we shipped it to the wrong address? (Note: we ship to the address in the 'Shipping Address' so that is where to expect it.)

This page is here so customers can give us a review on our service right on our site. It is possible to give us a review (and star rating) on Facebook, which we encourage doing so if you don't mind. It is also possible to submit reviews on products after purchasing them - hopefully after actually recieving them and having a chance to use them.

This page just requires a Disqus account. Any submissions will need to be verified by us before they are visible, but don't expect we will only let good reviews through. As long as the review comes from someone that is either a past customer or has made contact with us, it will be permitted through... editing any issues (language, spelling) that are a major concern. If you want to make sure we know that you are a past customer or made contact with us before, include an order number or comment about contact with us so I can look it up for verification.

If there is a negative review about us, it will be let through with a response from us. This way, if there is something we did wrong, we can learn from it through discussion with the reviewer.

The reason for the confirmation from us before it is visible is we do get the occasional spam-bot posting to our site, so rather than delete 30+ posts of spam that appear over night, we just deny them from appearing at all when we get on in the morning and accept the legit postings.