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How regular are the emails? Irregular. I know how annoying it can be to get marketing emails regularly, so I try to aim for sending 4-8 per year. I don't email for every sale I put up, nor for every new product.

Got a copy of my newsletter without signing up? Two things to check:
1) Did someone forward a copy of the newsletter to you? Check the 'from' and see where it came from.
2) If it came from me (, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Make sure it is unsubscribing your email address and not someone that forwarded it to you.

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Old Sign Up

The old sign up form was in the footer of every page (with the 'navigate', 'categories', 'brands' and such).

There was also an option during checkout to opt into the marketing emails.

With both fields, a verification email would be sent to the email address for a second confirmation. Clicking the link in that email would then add the person to my list.

Over time, as my list host (Mailchimp) updated their software, the old sign up form lost compatibility. Recently, they finally cut off all support for it, thus requiring updating to their new interface.

The new interface integrates with my online store to provide more tools for me to use. I found two issues with this:
1) All past customers are added as 'contacts' on my list now. I will do my best to only email subscribers.
2) The default sign up form is a pop up window. I hate pop-ups... more so if it is trying to get a visitor to sign up for something.

(On that note, if a sign up form pops on on my site then please let me know through the contact us form so I can figure out how to remove it.)

And that brings us to this page. I found an option on Mailchimp to embed a sign up form on a website. This allows me to avoid the annoying 'in your face' pop up that I find so annoying.