Flashlight Information

Picking a flashlight can be as simple as just picking something that looks impressive, popular or recommended... or as difficult as trying to find the best option for the intended use.

The simpler methods are good enough for most people... but for those more picky about getting a good light might find this information useful.

I mostly made these as research for myself so I can give recommendations (and I will redo them from time to time) - but my findings could be useful to others.


Flashlight Buying Guide

If you are having trouble picking a flashlight, or just want somewhere to start, then this guide might help... or make things worse. I did what I could to keep it simple while still providing enough information to actually be useful.


Flashlight Maintenance

While these flashlight are long lasting, without proper maintenance they may not last their full expected life span.

This is a pooling of maintenance directions from the manufacturers or online sources.


ANSI / NEMA / PLATO FL-1 Standards

The FL-1 standards are a set of data measurement guidelines to unify the flashlight industry so cross-brand comparison is easier for customers.

Created by ANSI, distributed by NEMA and monitored by PLATO. The FL-1 standards are completely optional but if used it must be fully embraced.

These standards are not perfect and leave out plenty of data that would be useful to customers as well as lacking details on some of the data provided. Even with these standards, some of the reported data is still 'fuzzy'.


Flashlight Data

A data dump about flashlight descriptions. Useful for getting a little better understanding about the information provided about each flashlight.

I really think I need to rewrite and reformat this page - warning, it is not easy to read as it is now. I only have it available still because the information is useful for anyone willing to deal with the formating.


LED Comparison

A look at LEDs used in flashlights we carry. Useful in helping decide which flashlight to get.