Fenix Belt Clip Flashlight Harness

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This holster clips to the belt and not just holds the flashlight for convenient access but can also be rotated for hands free use of the active flashlight. Angle the flashlight forward and up to illuminate a wall or panel while working. Angle the light forward and down to illuminate the path ahead. Angle the light behind and down to light the path for someone following you or increase your visibility for vehicles approaching from behind (keep the angle low to avoid blinding that driver as they approach).


Material: Nylon and Fiberglass

Rotation: 300°

Suitable Flashlight Body Diameters: 20mm - 26mm

Suitable Flashlight Head Diameters: 30mm - 44mm

Compatible Belt Size: 55mm or less


Holster Width: 50mm (2in)

Holster Thickness: 71.5mm (2.8in)

Holster Height: 125mm (4.9in)

Holster Weight, Empty: 102g (3.6oz)


The following list of Fenix flashlights are an example of suitable flashlights as these are within the body diameter suitable for the holster:

  • TK09
  • TK15UE (remove the grip ring)
  • TK16 (remove the grip ring)
  • TK20R (remove the grip ring)
  • TK25 R&B
  • TK25IR
  • Etc.