Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked, implied or should be asked questions.

Do we provide coupon codes for users of particular sites, like Candle Power Forum?

We sometimes provide coupon codes with our email newsletter (sign up is available at the bottom right of this page) - these usually only work for a month or two.

As for particular site users, it doesn't hurt to contact us before placing an order and see if we will provide one. We may require verifying that you are a particular user on the site in question (using private messages on said site).



Do we sell tents?

No. Tents are depicted on our banner (and business cards) because they represent our outdoors inclinations and light up nicely with a flashlight.

For the quantity of tents we would need to stock, we would need a dedicated storage space just for tents. Even then, the cost of shipping would result in the pricing being similar to those in stores. We do not currently have a tent supplier so we can't even special order them in.


Do we sell sleeping bags?

No. Just like the tents, they would take up a lot of space and cost a lot to ship.

We do carry some emergency sleeping bags (bivvy) that are more compact so they can be added to an emergency pack. While they can be used as a regular sleeping bag, they are less durable since they are intended for limited use - they also offer less padding between the user and the surface they are sleeping on. They are intended for emergency use.


Do we have a store front?

At this time, we do not have a store front - we currently opperate out of a home office.

We may explore the option of a store front in the future as our business expands.


Do our flashlights come with batteries and/or charger?

Most of our flashlights do not come with batteries or a charger. Only flashlights that are explicitly listed as including batteries come with batteries.

Most 'rechargeable' style flashlights that have a built in charger come with the battery pack included. The listing for the flashlight will directly state the inclusion of the battery pack.


Do our chargers come with batteries?

Most of the chargers do not come with batteries. If a charger comes with batteries, they will be listed as included on the charger's page and include basic information about the batteries included (size, chemistry and capacity) and might include a link to our listing for the battery.


Do we have free shipping?

For most Canadian orders, we offer free shipping on orders over $100. We ship these orders by Expedited - either Expedited or Free can be selected for shipping and the charge will be $0.

For USA orders, we offer flat rate shipping of $10 CAD on orders over $100 CAD. Due to the exchange rate, the USD value fluctatues so stating the USD values could be incorrect within 10 minutes of updating this page. The flat rate is offered on Expedited (Ground) shipping only.

For special orders that require us ordering in stock swiftly, we will charge additional shipping. This will only occur when ordering in stock for a special order after the customer has agreed to the extra costs.


Who do we use for shipping and how do we ship?

Due to the price difference, we use Canada Post for most of our shipments. Other carriers can be used by request and with the cost covered by the customer.

We use Expedited for ground shipping - for the tracking number (which we supply to the customer) and $100 insurance.

We use Xpress for air shipping - for the tracking number (which we supply to the customer) and $100 insurance.

If we are concerned that damage to the parcel could damage over $100 worth of the contents, we may get additional insurance for the parcel.

If a customer's PayPal account is not verified, we may (at our discretion) require a signature for delivery of the parcel.

We also have FedEx Ground set up as an option during checkout.


Do we ship internationally?

We do not ship internationally any more. We have had far too many fraudulant orders from outside of North America and few international orders beyond that.

If you are visiting North America and would like to order from us, get a verified PayPal account and then contact us. Please allow time for the parcel to arrive where you will be picking it up from.

If you will not be visiting North America, we suggest you look for a more local option to order from.


How is our pricing?

Many of the products we offer have a minimum selling price provided by the manufacturer, this is usually provided in USD. We regularly adjust our listing prices to compensate for the fluctuating exchange rate.

Where such guidelines are not in place, we will price competetively with the online market. When we compare our listing price to competitors, we do not compete with sites that are out of stock for the given product.

If we do not currently have stock of a product, we are not likely to adjust the pricing for our listing. If we do not restock an item for a few months, we will remove it from our site.


How do we decide what to stock?

For new products, we start by considering if it will fit in among the other products we carry. If it doesn't then we won't further considering stocking it.

Next, we consider the quality of the product - difficult to do without aquiring one. If we know the brand then we base it off of the brand's reputation - personal experience with it taking priority. A lack of information about the product will hurt the evaluation of the product.

The third aspect is if it directly competes with other products we carry - is it too similar? We've had manufacturers contact us with their own product that was exactly the same as something we already carried but with a slightly different appearance.

Is it worth the money? By comparing to products we already carry, we gauge if the product is over priced for the performance. This is the second step where a lack of information hurts a product - if we can't fully compare then we can't determine the worth.

Next, we try to determine if it will sell. Basically, we decide if we think we can sell any and how many.

At this point, we've already decided if we would use it ourselves but now we are actually making the decision if we are just going to stock the item or also get one for ourselves.


For products we already stocked before, we start by checking to see if it is discontinued - either the manufacturer stopped producing them or has made a newer version. (Most of the time any upgrades to drivers are also paired with a change of LED when they are announced.)

We then determine if something else has been released that is similar yet better.

Next we evaluate if it sold well - stuff like if it sat for several months (or years), if it had to be discounted to get it to move or if it just sold out fast.


How is the quality of our products?

We are sticklers for quality, so we strive to stock only top rated or proven products. If it isn't good enough for us to use personally then it isn't good enough to sell to you.


What is our returns policy?

We offer a 14 day exchange or refund on resaleable products, less the outbound shipping costs.

More information is available on our Warranty and Returns page.


Do we offer a warranty?

We offer a 14 day repair or exchange on defective products.

More information is available on our Warranty and Returns page.


Do we take special orders?

Yes, we take special orders.

These can range from large volumes of something we already stock to something we don't have listed but is similar. We can check with our suppliers (manufacturers and distrubuters) for availablility and pricing.

We aim to have quotes for special orders ready within 48 hours.


Do you accept random solicitation?

As a general rule, we do not accept random solicitation. Do not expect to get a response if you are 'cold contacting' us, especially if you use 're:' or 'fwd:' in the email subject line to fool filters.


Have we considered making packages?

While this has been considered, the additional time required to keep inventories updated on the site or assemble packs that will automatically update the inventories is substantial. We may eventually implement some packages in the future.