Eagletac MX25L2 ( 2210 ANSI Lumens )

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Regular Mode
LED Lumens 2850* - 2530 1071 210 19 - -
OTF Lumens - - - - - -
ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Lumens 2210* - 1935 820 161 16 - -
Runtime 80 min 210 min 21 hrs 200+ hrs - -
Tactical Mode
LED Lumens 2850* - 2530 350 Strobe I Strobe II - -
OTF Lumens - - - - - -
ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Lumens 2210* - 1935 274 Strobe I Strobe II - -
Runtime 80 min 13 hrs - - - -

* Turbo Boost output is 20% brighter for the first 200 seconds.

Auxilery Outputs: Strobe, Strobe (var), Flash (Hi), S.O.S. (fast), S.O.S., Beacon, Flash (Lo)

Beam Profile:
  Hot Spot: 7°
  Spill (Flood): 58°
  Center Lux: 57,300
  Beam Throw Distance: 479m

  1* R44 Li-Ion 6000mAh Battery Pack (2* 32650)

Operating Voltage: 2.7V - 8.4V
Operating Temperature: -25°C to +40°C

On/Off Control: Side Switch
 - Momentary Turbo On: hold, turns off when released
 - Momentary Strobe: double press then hold, turns off when released
Mode Switch Control: Side Switch and Twist Head
 - Change Output Level: tighten/loosen head
 - Instant Turbo: hold side switch, returns to previous output when released
 - Instant Strobe: double press then hold side switch, returns to previous output when released
 - Auxilery Access: with head tight (highest output) loosen to third or fourth output then tighten again
 -- repeat to advance one auxilery output
 -- turn flashlight off or leave head loose (not in highest output position) to exit auxilery mode
 - Regular and Tactical Mode Switch: start with head tight (highest output)
 -- loosen to second output and tighten again five times in five seconds

  Length: 26.7 cm
  Body Diameter: 3.7 cm
  Head Diameter: 6.2 cm
  Weight: 730g

LED: Luminus SST-90 P
Tint: Cool White -K

Body Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Body Finish: Premium Type III Hard Anodization 400HV

Lens: Waterhite Glass w/ Hardening Treatment and Anti-Reflection Coating Both Sides
 - 96% Transparency

Dust/Water Resistance Rating: IP x8
Impact Resistance: 1m
Submersible Depth: 1m

Package Contents:
  M25L2 Flashlight
  2 Spare O-Rings
  Spare Waterproof Charging Port Cap
  R44 Battery Pack
  18W AC/DC Wall Adapter
  12V Automotive Adapter
  ET54 DRGBY Filter Set


High lumens output flashlight with built in charger and rechargable battery pack. Available filter and diffuser kit for non-turbo version.

We also offer a turbo model : MX25L2T


Charging Circuit

  • 2050SW
    • Highly efficient buck switch
    • Accepts input from 10V to 12V
    • Compatible with 12V automobile DC socket
    • Constant current and constant voltage charging method
    • Fast charge to 36% in one hour (R44)
    • Three hours safety timer w/ charging indicator