Eagtac G25C2 MKII XM-L2

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Regular Mode
LED Lumens 1351* - 1080 614 119 9
ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Lumens 1112* - 889 514 98 8
Runtime 1* 18650 108** min 180 min 18 hr 150+ hr
Runtime 2* CR123A 60** min 114 min 11 hr 100+ hr
Tactical Mode
LED Lumens 1351* - 1080 197 Strobe 1 Strobe 2
ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Lumens 1112* - 889 145 Strobe 1 Strobe 2
Runtime 1* 18650 108** min 11 hr
Runtime 2* CR123A 60** min 7 hr

* Turbo output reduces to 80% output after 200 seconds to prevent overheating. The reduction is determined by if energy saving mode is on or off.

** Run times measured with energy saving mode turned on. Energy saving is recommended on for 2* CR123A batteries but can be turned off for more CR123A or when using Li-Ion (18650 or 16340) batteries.

Auxilery Outputs: Strobe 1, Strobe 2, Flash, S.O.S. (Fast), S.O.S., Beacon, Flash (Low), Turbo

Beam Profile:
Hot Spot: 6.9°
Spill (Flood): 58°
Hotspot Diameter at 100m: - m
Center Lux: 41,200 lux
Peak Beam Intensity: - cd
Beam Throw Distance: - m

 1* 18650
 2* CR123A
 2* 16340

Requires Body Extension(s):
 2* 18650
 3* CR123A
 3* 16340
 3* 18650
 4* CR123A

Operating Voltage: 2.7V - 12.6V
Operating Temperature: -25°C to +40°C

On/Off Control: Button
Mode Switch Control: Button and Twist Head
 - Output Select: Highest output with head tight, loosen head for lower regular outputs
 - Auxilery Outputs Access:
 From tight (highest output), loosen to third or fourth output then tighten again to highest output within one second.
 -- Cycle Auxilery: Repeat access sequence to advance one auxilery output.
 -- Exit Auxilery: Leave head loose for over one second or turn flashlight off.

 - Regular and Tactical Mode Switching:
 With the flashlight in the second highest output, turn the flashlight on and off 20 times in 20 seconds.

 - Toggle Tail Strobe (off by default): At highest output, turn the flashlight on and off 20 times in 20 seconds.
 -- Access Tail Strobe: Double click the tail button to activate strobe.

 - Toggle Energy Saving (on by default): At lowest output (fourth), turn the flashlight on and off 20 times in 20 seconds.
 -- LED will output at 100% to indicate state change - for 3 seconds when turning on and only for 1 second when turning off.
With energy saving mode on, Turbo (highest) output will reduce by 24% after 200 seconds.
With energy saving mode off, Turbo (highest) output will reduce by only 9% after 200 second.

Length: 15 cm
Body Diameter: 2.5 cm
Head Diameter: 3.95 cm
Weight (w/o Batteries): 138 g

LED: Cree XM-L2 U4**
Tint: Cool White -K

Body Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Body Finish: Premium Type III Hard Anodization 400HV

Lens: Impact Resistance Glass w/ Sapphire and Anti-Reflection Coating

Dust/Water Resistance Rating: IP x8
Impact Resistance: 1m
Submersible Depth: 1m

Package Contents:
 G25C2 MKII Flashlight
Lanyard - Mil-Spec Paracord
Pocket Clip - Titanium Coated
 2 Spare O-Rings
 Rubber 'Cigar Grip' Ring
 Rubber 'Cigar Grip' Cover Ring
 Tail Stand Rubber Boot
 Removable Stainless Steel Bezel - Titanium Coated

Kit Contents:
 Aluminum Flip Filter Assemby
 DRGBY Lenses
 3-Cell Body Extension (for 3* 16340/CR123A)
 4-Cell Body Extension (for 4* CR123A or 2* 18650)
 Battery Spacer (reduce rattling of CR123A batteries w/ Body Extensions)

 To achieve 3* 18650, two 4-Cell Body Extensions will be required.
 If the kit is being purchased, getting a second 3-Cell Body Extension will allow 3* 18650.
 - Installing two 3-Cells results in the same battery space as one 4-Cell.

The popular G25C2 MKII tactical flashlight updated to the XM-L2 U4** LED. Designed for hunting, law enforcement, military and other tactical applications, this flashlight is great as an every day carry or for around the home.

** Packaging labels have not yet been updated, still indicating XM-L2 U2 LED. The XP-L uses the same labels, but has an additional label to indicate the LED change while the U4 does not include any such additional label.