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  • EagleTac 4 Cell Body Extension for G25C2, G25C2 Mk II or TX25C2.

EagleTac 4-Cell Body Extension

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Brand: Eagletac

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Product Description

EagleTac's 4-cell body extension tube for the various tactical sized (1 inch body diameter) flashlights.

Attaches to the flashlight between the main body and the tail cap, adding battery cell space. With this extension, the flashlight can hold up to 4*CR123A, 4*16340 (RCR123A) or 2*18650 batteries. By fitting more batteries, this extends the run time of the flashlight, meaning changing the batteries less often. This is best for situations where changing the batteries on the go is not advisable; such as extreme dark locations where there is not enough light available to change the batteries or locations where a dropped battery would be difficult or imposible to recover (deep water, cliff side, harsh chemicals).

The extension works with the following flashlights on our site:



G25C2 MkII XM-L2


T25C2 XM-L2

T25C2 XP-L

T25C2 365nm Ultraviolet





Many of the above flashlights come with a kit that includes a 4-cell extension, a 3-cell extension and the battery spacer. Using two of the 3-cell body extensions is equivalent to a 4-cell body extension. As such, to use 3*18650 with a flashlight that came with a kit, just add a single 3-cell extension - the spacers will not be used with the 18650 batteries.

When considering body extensions for a compatable flashlight, the 3-cell extension allows the addition of 1*CR123A/16340 battery per extension and 1*18650 battery per two extensions: EagleTac 3-Cell Body Extension


Warning: When using additional batteries, do not exceed the voltage limit of the flashlight. Verify this by checking the specifications of the flashlight and totaling the voltages of the batteries intended for use. Exceeding the voltage will lock the output to the highest mode and cause damage to the circuits and LED - this can lead to the permanent loss of lower output modes or the complete failure of the flashlight.

Do not mix battery types (18650 / 16340 / CR123A), voltages (3.0V / 3.7V) or brands - such mixing will shorten the life of the batteries and could potentialy terminate batteries during their first use.

Battery Quantity Total Voltage Extensions
18650 1 3.7 V No extensions needed
CR123A 2 6.0 V No extensions needed
RCR123A (16340) 2 7.4 V

No extentions needed


2 7.4 V

4-cell extension

CR123A 3 9.0 V

3-cell extension

RCR123A (16340) 3 11.1 V

3-cell extension

18650 3 11.1 V

Two 4-cell extensions

CR123A 4 12.0 V

4-cell extension

RCR123A (16340) 4 14.8 V

4-cell extension

18650 4 14.8 V

Three 4-cell extensions

CR123A 5 15.0 V

4-cell and 3-cell extension

RCR123A (16340) 5 18.5 V

4-cell and 3-cell extension

Note: The above list does not take into account for 3.0V RCR123A (16340) batteries. 16340 batteries of 3.0V can be used in the same volumes as CR123A 3.0V batteries - do not mix CR123A 3.0V batteries with 16340 3.0V batteries since chemistry differences will result in shorten the life of the 16340 batteries and possible termination of the 16340 batteries during the first use.


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