Coupon Codes

If we currently have any coupon codes being announced to the public, we will list them here. Anyone can use these coupon codes to get the applicable discount - even first time customers.

One way to think of it is as a skill testing question for a draw. What is the reward for finding the coupon code? The specified discount!

Why don't we just apply the discount to the products and skip the coupon code? Well, sometimes the manufacturer requires we use a coupon code instead of applying a sale price. Look at it this way, since you found this page then you can get a discount that others might miss out on.

Now, I did just say that these are the public coupon codes. We can only issue these with permission from the manufacturer so they won't occur that often. However, the manufacturers allow us to issue non-public coupon codes. The main way to find out about the exclusive coupon codes is to sign up to our newsletters. We try to refrain from sending more than one email per month (exceptions being for surprise sales). The emails are usually to highlight the current sale or provide a coupon code exclusive to the emails.

That covered, here are the publicly available coupon codes:


Coupon Code Applies to... Discount Expires
2017Knife All knives. 10% Off Nov 30th, 2017

Note: Only one coupon code can be applied per order!