I operate out of a home office, if you would like to talk with me via phone or make an appointment to see product in person, fill out the form below.

To make an appointment, let me know what day and time would work for you.

To talk over the phone, include your number, time zone and best time to call you.


I also work an evening shift from 7:00pm to Midnight (Pacific), except Thursday. However, the nature of the job means I can handle some phone calls.

Emails are normally checked during the afternoon.


Contact Information

Mailing Address :

1045 251A St
Aldergrove, B.C.
V4W 2S8


Phone : 604-308-2367 (Cell)

Regular Business Call Hours : Pacific Coast

Mon-Wed, Fri : Noon - Midnight (May not have cell signal before 7:30 pm)

Thu : Noon - 4:30 pm (May not have cell signal)

Note : Due to the poor signal coverage at my home, I did have calls routed through my home internet connection... however, that feature has since been removed from my phone.


Appointment Options

1) Pick up from my home residence. Please contact me to make an appointment.
Directions: South on 248th (From Otter Co-op gas station and grocery store location), left on 10th Ave, third road on the left (at the top of the hill looking down on the curve), third driveway on the left (it is hidden a bit, right after the second driveway, feel free to park at the bottom of the driveway).

2) Meet up near by. The best option is to meet at the Otter Co-op grocery store just South of Fraser on 248th St. To avoid traffic congestion, it would be best to meet on the Southern end of the parking lot, near the feed store. Just let me know your vehicle type and license plate number. (Sedan, hatch back, pickup, mini, smart, SUV, etc.)


Contact Form

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Please include relevant information. If you want me to call you, include your province/state or time zone and what time(s) would be best to call you (ex: BC after 2pm before 4pm or at 7pm). If you want information on a particular item, include the model (Wizard V3 XHP50, G25C2, E25) - if the model you are inquiring about is not a brand I carry, tell me what brand so I can look into it.

Want to email me without using the form? customerservice (remove the space*)

* Due to cold-contact marketing practices that are commonly used, I have broken the email addresses to try and limit this. Most cold-contact marketing is done by a bot finding email addresses displayed on a website to add to a list of emails to market to. Often this list is then sold to actual companies, and then they send out emails without doing research. This means that I get a lot of marketing emails that are not applicable to my product lineup.

Contact Form Marketing

For anyone using contact form marketing... I delete it. Period.

If you are looking to send me a marketing email, please send it to upsell (remove the space*) - any marketing emails not sent to this address will be deleted without consideration. If you would like to improve consideration, please provide as much technical specifications as possible - see more recently listed products on my site for an idea of data I want. If I am interested in the product then I will respond with questions to try and gather enough data for proper consideration of the product.