Brand Information

These are the bulk of the brands of the products we carry. This is not a full list as there are some brands we have few products from. Some brands have an extended information page available (brand name is a link).


Flashlights and Batteries

Armytek - Flashlights designed for durability.

Eagletac - Flashlights designed for various applications. Batteries designed for LED flashlights.

Fenix - Flashlights designed for general use. Batteries and chargers designed to go with those flashlights.

Peak LED Solutions - Pocket flashlights with QTC variable output.

Sportac - A division of Eagletac for their modules, headlamps and search light.

Tenergy - Good quality batteries and chargers.


Knives and Sharpeners



Cold Steel

CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool)

DMT (Diamond Machining Technology)









Victorinox (Swiss Army Knives)


Surival and Outdoors

AMK (Adventure Medical Kits) - Emergency kits designed for adventures in the outdoors, trips to other countries or even to keep at home, at work or in a vehicle.

Best Glide - They bring together a variety of survival supplies from other companies to assemble survival kits or make them available for adding to or building your own survival kits.

Explorer - Compasses.

Fisher Space Pen - Pens designed to write in space, making them greatly versatile. The highlight being that writing on walls or ceilings isn't a problem for the pens.

Maxpedition - Durable carrying solutions including: packs, pouches, holsters, wallets and more.

UST (Ultimate Survival Technologies)