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May 2016 Armytek Shipment - New Wizards

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We received an Armytek shipment again, so time to list off what we got again. This shipment is all about quantity and not variety... mainly because we still have stock left of several Armytek models and we are expecting more models to be updated (back-dated?) to the XHP50 Array LED.

Of course, let's start with the restock first:

NyoGel 760G Grease - If these get moving any faster, we'll have to order more in at a time. It feels like we are restocking these every 2-3 orders from Armytek. This is a popular grease for lubricating threads and O-rings in flashlights to extend their life and maintain water resistance.

With only a flashlight or two, the 5ml will last a while. I got myself a 5ml in Jan 2014 and have 8 flashlights that I've been tending to - most have been regreased 2-3 times since then. (Thinking about it, two I haven't done recently... need to go regrease them.)

Obviously, a 10ml will last longer or cover more flashlights. The 25ml is beyond that - so while it is cheaper in the long run to get the 25ml is it really needed for the maintenance schedule being followed?

Now, on to the new products:

Wizard Pro V3 XHP50 - We have this both in Cool and Warm.

The XHP50 has been around a while and has been used in a few Eagletac flashlights. Armytek switched to this LED array because it has brighter output and longer run times than the XP-L they previously were using in their V3 Wizards.

For comparison purposes, I will leave the XP-L version visible on our site for at least a few weeks. I'll try to come back and kill the link when I remove the listing... but if I forget, it will become a broken link eventually.

We got a good supply, so don't hold back.

Partner C4 V3 XP-L - We got a couple of these so we could check them out. While a lot of information is missing (like output level for 5 of the 6 outputs and run times), the max output is provided and is a bit better than the C2 V3. Since it is only a bit more output and runs on double the batteries, we expect the run times to be better as well.

I personally like the feel of it in my hands compared to the C2 as the length of the C4 means the head stays outside of my grip either holding it in either forward or reverse grip.

I'm almost tempted to add one to my own collection but I already own 5 and 3 of them I use to fill the roles the C4 would fill - of course, if I could afford to then I'd get it anyway. I'll eventually create a list of my collection of flashlights and what I usually use them for.

That is it. Only three things to list this time. I'm glad to see the XHP50 getting more attention.

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