2018 January - Recent Events

Posted by Roy Wristen on 10th Jan 2018

Recently, the Fraser Valley (BC, Canada) had a freezing rain storm that destroyed many trees and damaged power lines (I was without power for over 24 hours) - but the ice coating was very lovely (wish I had gotten more pictures).

While most everything is back to normal, there are still lingering effects. My internet connection before was already a little troublesome, but I was able to manage it. Now, it drops more often, particularly on heavier websites (such as wiki articles or updating the MackOutdoors website - note: The storefront for the customer is light weight, the backend that I use is heavy).

Because of these issues, I have products on hand that came in just before the freeze that I am attempting to list on the website. Being able to post this blog post is a good sign that I should be able to get the products listed with at least a basic listing (no data) and add to it gradually.


Another announcement is that I need to suspend the option for pickup from my home.

I can still meet at an Aldergrove location (or possibly Langley/Abbotsford) for order pickup.

The reason is that my father is currently getting chemotherapy treatments and I would like to minimize as much risk as I can.


Look for my next blog posting soon - as soon as I can get the new products up with even a basic listing I will post about it.