2017 March Restock and New Stock

Posted by Roy Wristen on 7th Mar 2017

Two more shipments just came in! One from Fenix and the other from Armytek. If you are looking for something from Eagletac, jump to the bottom to read a bit on that.

Now, onto the restock items.

ARE-C1+ - The upgrade and replacement for the ARE-C1 (which is now discontinued).

ARE-X1 - The cheapest charger we carry, dedicated 18650 battery charger.
I personally have one to charge my 18650 and 17650 batteries, but I also regularly use it to discharge my 18650 batteries into my phone when I'm not near a suitable charging location.

TK20R - This rechargeable tactical flashlight was more popular than we expected, with good reason - it has good throw distance for the size as well as the convenience of a built in charger.

UC02SS - The Blue version we popular among our friends, so we barely had it on the site for a month when we had to order more in.

Wizard Pro V3 - Easily the most popular headlamp we sell... even the most popular flashlight. They barely made it in our door before a good number of them went right back out again.

Armytek Remote Tail Switch - In particular, the version 3 with a coil wire.

AF-39 Diffuser - We restocked the white filter (diffuser). These actually can also fit on several models from Eagletac and Fenix that normally don't have the option of a filter. I have provided lists of some flashlights that it will fit on, but you can contact us if you would like to ask if it will fit one that isn't on those lists.

Nyogel Grease - Often times, if a flashlight starts having trouble it may just need a good cleaning of the threads and a fresh application of grease.


Here are the new products we got in.

Fenix 18650 3500mAh Button Top - Now you can have a matching set of Fenix flashlight, charger and battery while still having a 3500mAh capacity.

Fenix TK47UE - Usually the 'ultimate edition' is released when an update is made. In this case it was released as the same time and is more of an alternate version instead of a replacement. The UE is over twice as bright (3200 vs 1300) but with a little over half the throw distance (408 meters vs 700 meters).

We chose the UE because it fills a space in our catalogue with the size, shape and output. The non-UE version is great, but it is roughly the same as the Armytek Barracuda Pro, which we already have in stock. If you would like to special order the non-UE, contact us.

Armytek Wizard Pro V3 USB - This is the same flashlight as the popular Wizard Pro V3, but it includes a battery and allows charging via any USB port. The included charging wire attaches to the Wizard using magnets, for easier connecting when it needs charging.

-- Update, March 14!

We added another product, just today.

Fenix HP25R - This is a USB rechargeable headlamp with two LEDs - one for flood illumination and one for beam throw.


Looking ahead, we will likely need to be placing another flashlight order with Eagletac in April - meaning we would have the flashlights in May. If there is a particular Eagletac that you are interested in that we don't have in stock, let us know in advance so we can add it to our list.

If you are looking for Eagletac batteries, we still have stock, but the 16340s are getting low (21 in stock as of publishing this). We will likely be ordering more batteries soon, so if you are looking for a good number (20+) of one of the batteries then let us know so we can adjust for that.

- Roy Wristen