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2017 January/February Restocks and New Stock

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If you've been checking our front page from time to time (I know a few do), then you've seen new products being listed through January. We've been a little busy, so now I will go over what items we restocked and a bit about the new items as well.



ARB-L18 - Fenix 18650 3400mAh Button Top battery.

RC09 - Fenix USB rechargeable flashlight. Includes 16340 battery.

RC11 - Fenix USB rechargeable flashlight. Includes 18650 battery.

CSAR-T Responder - Buck/TOPS 'Combat Search And Rescue Tool' folding knife.

Single Sheath Holster - Maxpedition holster for a single flashlight, tool or other.

UFBS Holster - Maxpedition universal flashlight / baton sheath had an open bottom for longer items. (Such as Eageltac flashlights with a body extension or two installed. eg: G25C2)

Paracord White - 550lb parachute cord.

Paracord Brown -550lb parachute cord.

Folding Scissors - Slip-n-Snip folding scissors - chrome only restocked.


New Products:

PX30LC2-R - Eagletac USB rechargeable flashlight. Great for every day carry.

PX30LC2-DR - The same flashlight, but with a diffuser ring (LED array) for area illumination. Either the main (forward) or the flood (diffuser) can be active... or both together.

USB Charging Cord - Eagletac cord for charging flashlights. One is included with the flashlight, we got these for anyone that wants a spare for additional charging locations or for replacing a damaged cord.

ARE-X1+ - Fenix single bay charger, powered by USB. This gains a screen that displays charging information and also has the ability to charge both Li-Ion and Ni-MH batteries in various sizes.

The original ARE-X1 (currently out of stock) could only charge 18650 batteries but has the ability to be used as a battery bank (discharging the 18650 into other devices). The X1+ does not have battery bank functionality.

LD12 2017 - A great pocket flashlight from Fenix that can run on AA or 14500 batteries.

FD30 - Fenix adjustable focus flashlight.

RC05 - Fenix USB rechargeable flashlight. Includes 14500 battery. A bit longer and narrower than the RC09. A smaller version of the RC11.

UC02SS - A stainless steel version of the UC02 from Fenix. It is the same keychain flashlight, but with a slightly more attractive look.

Entrenching Tool - A folding shovel from SOG. Great to be included with survival supplies, work gear or kept on hand (in a trunk or at home) for various situations. (I'm putting one in my car, because I've had a few times where I wished I had a shovel on hand.)

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