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2016 October Restock and New Products Update

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There is a bit of a back log on updating, since my last post (September) apparently didn't actually go live... so this is going to be long. I'll tone back from the usual information I put in these updates.

I'll start with the restocked items:

Eagletac 3400mAh and 3500mAh 18650 batteries.

Eagletac G25C2 XP-L HI flashlight.

Eagletac 4-Cell Body Extension. This allows using an additional 18650 or two CR123A in certain Eagletac flashlights, such as the G25C2.

Fenix CL30R lantern.

Fenix PD35 960 flashlight.

Tenergy Centura Ni-MH 9V 2pk batteries.

Tenergy Centura Ni-MH AA 4pk batteries. Updated pictures pending - no longer card packaged.

Tenergy Premium Ni-MH AA 4pk batteries. Updated pictures pending - no longer comes with container.

Tenergy Battery Checker.

That should be all of the restocked items.

Now, for the new items we have gotten in.

Eageltac 2600mAh 18650. Save a little money by giving up a little run time - I'm still preparing to do a run time test comparison of the Eagletac batteries to see how much difference the capacity makes.

Fenix ARE-C1+ charger. Two bay charger with a display to indicate charge level. Charges Li-Ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd cylindrical batteries.

Tenergy TN141 9V Ni-MH charger. Only charges 9V Ni-MH.

Tenergy T4s charger. Charges Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Li-Ion and LiFePO4 cylindrical batteries. Designed to look like Nitecore's Intellicharger but performs better.

Eagletac SX30C2 flashlight. The controls are two buttons on the side of the head - no twist head for this one.

Eagletac DX30LC2-SR Colour XP-L HI / 365nm and 850nm / XP-L HI. These two flashlights have a regular output (XP-L HI) and an additional output. The 365nm has the regular output out the front of the flashlight and the 365nm (Ultraviolet) out the side. The 850nm has the 850nm (Infrared) out the front and the regular (XP-L HI) out the side. Output level and LED selection are controlled by the side button while on/off is handled by the tactical switch on the tail cap.

- Note: The DX30LC2-SR is also available with several other options for LEDs. If you are interested in a version with regular cool or neutral outputs for both LEDs or a version with Red or Green for the side LED, let us know. We can add it to our list for our next shipment from Eagletac.

Armytek Predator Pro XHP35 HI flashlight.

Armytek Dobermann Pro XHP35 HI flashlight.

Armytek Barracuda Pro XHP35 HI flashlight.

Fenix UC02 flashlight. Tiny so it can easily be included on a keychain. Comes with a 10180 Li-Ion battery and has a micro-USB port for plugging in the flashlight to recharge - USB wire not included.

Fenix E35UE flashlight.

Fenix TK20R flashlight. Tactical flashlight that includes an 18650 (2900mAh) battery and a USB wire for recharging via the micro-USB port.

Fenix AOD-M Diffuser Cone. Fits over the head of some models (see listing) to soften the light and spread it more, like a lantern or candle.

Fenix AOT-M Traffic Wand. Fits over the head of some models (see listing).

Armytek V3 Remote Tail Cap Switch. This will fit newer models of Predator and Viking such as the XP-L HI an XHP35 HI versions.

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