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2016 December Eagletac New Releases Announced

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Eagletac has announced new flashlights!

Details for each model can be found at http://www.eagletac.com/.

If you are interested in ordering one of these new models from us, let us know right away... possibly even as early as Dec 2nd. If I don't update this on Dec 2nd then you have until Monday the 5th to let us know. Just hop over to our contact us page and let us know what model so we can set up to allow pre-ordering for it.

Here is a run down of the new models.

PX30LC2-R - usb rechargeable flashlight - includes an 18650 battery. Uses an XP-L HI LED for increased throw distance.

PX30LC2-DR - the same flashlight but with the addition of an LED array in a diffused ring around the head for a large spill area.

T25L-R - usb rechargeable flashlight, includes an 18650 battery. Slightly larger than the PX30LC2 and uses an XHP35 LED for more output (HD for regular beam and HI for throw beam).

TX30C2 - has two side button for controlling flashlight output levels. Compatible with the 18650 body extension.

S25L-R - basically the T25L-R with a larger head for increased throw distance.

SX30C2 - was previously available with the XP-L LED, now updated to be available with XHP35 or Nichia 219C LED. The 219C is rated CRI92 while the XHP offers increased output levels but reduced run times.

SX30A4 - the SX30C2 but running on four AA instead of one 18650.

MX30L4-C - runs on four 18650 and has four XP-L HI LEDs for output or four Nichia 219C (CRI92) LEDs.

MX30L3-CR - six LEDs instead of four. Runs on a battery pack (included) and has a built in charger.

Note: For Eagletac models, R means rechargeable (-R, -DR, -CR) and means the flashlight has a built in charger and includes the appropriate battery(ies).

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