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2016 August Fenix Chargers

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This will be rather short, since we only got two products in for listing - the rest of the Fenix shipment was ordered for a customer.

First off, the restock - we got in more ARE-C2 Chargers.

This it the best (and most popular) charger we carry. It has 4 truly independent bays so the number of batteries and what mix of types (Li-Ion and Ni-MH) that are in the charger does not impact how fast it charges each battery.

The LED display indicates how full each battery is with 3 bars for each bay that flash to indicate filling and go solid when full - so one bar solid and one bare flashing indicates it is currently between 33% and 66% charged. It also displays the voltage level of each battery in each bay - another useful indication of charge level as Li-Ion are best between 3.7V and 4.2V while Ni-MH are charged to 1.2V.

The other product we got is a new charger from Fenix, the ARE-X2.

The ARE-X series of chargers are USB based and are also able to be used as a power bank.

As a charger, it has 2 independent bays.

As a power bank, it uses both bays to provide power and batteries can be swapped out as needed. This gives it an advantage over regular power banks since it is cheaper to get this charger and a bunch of batteries rather than a bunch of power banks. On top of that, you can choose the capacity of the batteries used.

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