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2016 August Armytek Restock and New Products

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We just received another shipment of Armytek products.

When we received the XHP50 Wizard, we were impressed and so were some of our regular customers. They sold so well that we had to restock them.

Now, a few other models have been announced to be coming out with the XHP35 LED. The XHP35 is smaller than the XHP50, getting a little less output but requiring a little less power. From the data that we can get, these should make for some great smaller flashlights - particularly models that don't easily fit the XHP50.

However, the data that matters for a flashlight (released from the manufacturer) is not yet available. This means we don't have much information on the flashlights and what little we do have is subject to adjustment when full data is released. They may not even have their manual when we get them.

What we do know is the flashlight will likely be the same size and design as the V3 XP-L models, but with higher output and likely longer run times. The control scheme should also be the same as the V3 XP-L, so we may include those manuals if the XHP35 manual is not provided - so long as the controls still work the same.

Handling them a few moments ourselves, we can determine that they are fairly bright. We'll have to wait for until night to truly see how bright they are... and do a comparison to the XP-L V3. (In particular, I will be comparing Prime Pro C2 V3 XP-L to XHP35. This will give me an idea of what the differences are.)


Here are the new releases:

Partner Pro C4 V3 XHP35 - This is the newest version of Partner with a battery compartment for two 18650s or four CR123As.

Partner Pro C2 V3 XHP35 - This version fits a single 18650 or two CR123As.

Prime Pro C2 V3 XHP35 - The Prime is a Partner flashlight but with the control button on the side of the head instead of on the tail cap. For those that prefer a forward grip instead of a tactical (reverse) grip.

Partner A2 V3 XP-L - This is actually by request from a customer. The A2 does not appear to be available with the XHP35 LED yet. This is still a great flashlight so we got a few extra for anyone interested.


There are several models still tagged for switching to the XHP35, but the particular release date is not announced yet. Some of these models may still be in testing to see which XHP to use (XHP50 or XHP35) or might just be waiting their turn to be produced.

Rather than wait for an unknown amount of time that might now come, we restocked the following products. These are good flashlights, so anyone needing a flashlight sooner rather then later has these as an option.

Predator Pro V3 XP-L HI - High Intensity (HI) LEDs are all about throw distance. This is one of the best tactical size throwers we have handled. [[ Already all sold ]]

Viking Pro V3 XP-L - This Viking series has always been the 'Predator but different'. This Viking is the 'Predator with less throw and more fill'. While the Predator uses the HI LED to put as much light as it can into throw, the Viking uses the regular LED to give better illumination within the range of the beam.

Dobermann Pro XP-L HI - While still a tactical flashlight, the head is smaller so it is a little lighter and more compact (only a little). The trade off is a little reduced throw distance. The Dobermann series is popular for those looking for a tactical flashlight but don't want the large head the Predator, Viking and other similar flashlights have.

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