Feb 2020

Posted by Roy Wristen on 17th Feb 2020

Just a bit of an update.I've been spending time trying to plan out new organization (catagories) for my site to improve usability. The current system works well enough, but is a little vague. What con … read more

2019 March Update

Posted by Roy Wristen on 28th Mar 2019

As some past users may know, I have updated the theme in the past few months. This was to solve issues arising with the old layout. The new layout also brings some new functions to the website, which … read more

2018 January - Recent Events

Posted by Roy Wristen on 10th Jan 2018

Recently, the Fraser Valley (BC, Canada) had a freezing rain storm that destroyed many trees and damaged power lines (I was without power for over 24 hours) - but the ice coating was very lovely (wish … read more

Flashlight Sizes

Posted by Roy Wristen on 19th Apr 2017

When considering what flashlight to get, one of the things that should be considered first is the size. Yes, output (lumens) and run time are important, but the best output and run time flashlights av … read more

2017 March Restock and New Stock

Posted by Roy Wristen on 7th Mar 2017

Two more shipments just came in! One from Fenix and the other from Armytek. If you are looking for something from Eagletac, jump to the bottom to read a bit on that.Now, onto the restock items.ARE-C1+ … read more