Best Glide - Compact Emergency Survival Fishing Kit

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BG- CES Fishing Kit
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Product Description

The Compact Survival Fishing Kit is much flatter than the Basic Survival Fishing Kit thus making it perfect for thin survival kits. This kit is standard in our Wilderness Trekker Survival Kit.  This Kit is a great addition to any survival kit or outing into the wilderness. This quality kit includes the most used items, in sufficient quantities for emergency food gathering (survival fishing).


Tin - (1) Heavy Duty Zip Lock Bag
Jig - (1) Swirl Tail Grub
Jig - (1) Tiny Shad
Jig Head - (2) 1/16 Unpainted Round
Bait - Salmon Eggs
Fly - (1) Size 10 1/8
Desiccant - (1) Moisture Absorbing Packet
Hooks - (2) #4
Hooks - (2) #6
Hooks - (2) #8
Leaders - (1) Wire Wound Leaders
Split Shot - (3) BB
Split Shot - (3) 3/0
Bobber - (1) Tooth Pick Float
Line - (50 ft) 12LB


* Assembled in the USA
* Meets Alaska/Canada Over Flight Requirements
* Designed by Avid Fishermen
* Silica Gel Desiccant
* Quality Components
* Name Brand Manufacturers
* More of Most Used Items
* Reasonably Priced
* Order Code: FG1250
* Size: 3" x 4" x .25" (variable)

The Compact Survival Fishing Kit is the lower end of our line of 3 very popular emergency fishing kits: The Compact Survival Fishing Kit, The Basic Survival Fishing Kit and the Standard Survival Fishing Kit. All are made with the same high quality components and are very reasonably priced. recently had this to say about the Best Glide line of Emergency Survival Fishing Kits:
"These two kits from Best Glide are pretty impressive. The Compact kit will serve the ultra-light backpacker in the event of an emergency when it’s necessary to focus on food. If weight is critical, with the 6mil pouch containing the Compact kit is the way to go. For a long trip, or when it may be necessary to support several people in an emergency, the Standard kit is an excellent choice."