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Best Glide

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PyroPac Gel Fuel is identitical to MilPack Gel Fuel, except for the packaging. The PyroPac packaging is a different color and does not include the National Stock Number as the Military Version does. Other than that, the only other notable difference is the price. PyroPac, because of the lack of special military packaging, is less expensive. We offer both versions.

PyroPac Gel Fuel is a heat source system developed by military experts with the needs of soldiers and humanitarian relief workers in mind. The system is based on a proprietary chemical flame gel that burns hot and clean with no smoke or fumes, and that leaves behind only sand. PyroPac will not freeze or melt and burns well up to 10,000 ft of elevation. PyroPac is non-toxic and so is safe for the environment. Its only byproducts are carbon dioxide, water and sand.

PyroPac can be used to boil water, dry wet clothing, or start an open fire. And because the gel is smokeless and burns so clean, the flame is almost impossible to see, a clear advantage in the battlefield.

PyroPac Gel Fuel, and its military counterpart, MilPack Gel Fuel, does not evaporate, freeze or melt. It is smokeless, odorless, nontoxic and water soluble. These Gel Fuels burn up to 1358 degrees F, much higher than competing products. It is non explosive, has an indefinite shelf life, is non hazmat and will even burn at a 10,000 elevation. In short, you will not find a safer, more versatile and functional survival gel fuel than PyroPac and MilPack Gel Fuels.

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- Squeeze out gel fuel and light.
- Fill Canteen Cup with water.
- Suspend Canteen Cup 2 1/2" over burning gel fuel.
- Shield from wind.

- Avoid skin and eye contact. If accidental contact occurs, use water to wash away the gel.
- And of not eat - if ingested, seek medical attention right away!