Armytek V3 Remote Tail Switch

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The remote tail cap switch for Predator and Viking V3 flashlights.

This remote switch replaces the tail cap of the flashlight, the wire can be positioned as required to operate the flashlight remotely.

This is intended for use by hunters, police, military and airsoft - but can be used in plenty of other situations.

The intended use is with the flashlight mounted to the gun, the remote switch can be attached to the gun near a grip point for easy access to controlling the flashlight. Other possible uses include mounting the flashlight to a wall or stand and hanging the remote to provide access to the flashlight where it would be otherwise out of reach.


There are two options for the remote tail cap:

25cm Straight

25cm - 70cm Coiled


Note: This is the V3 tail cap. It is not compatible with V2.5 Predator and Viking flashlights.