Armytek Dobermann Pro XHP35 HI

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Package Contents Dobermann Flashlight
2 Spare O-Ring
2 Rubber Rings
Rubber Grip Ring
Spare Rubber Button Cover
Pocket Clip
Flashlight Dimensions
Body Diameter 2.54 cm Head Diameter 3.4 cm
Length 14.0 cm Weight (w/o Batteries) 115 g
Batteries 1 x 18650
2 x 18350
2 x 16340
2 x RCR123A
2 x CR123A
Operating Voltage 0.0V - 0.0V
Operating Temperature -25°C to +40°C
Colour Group Cool White
Neutral White
Colour Temperature ---- K
---- K
Output Turbo2 Turbo1 Main3 Main2 Main1 Firefly2 Firefly2 Strobe2 Strobe1
LED Lumens 1700
OTF Lumens 1400 800 350 150 30 1.7 0.15 1400 @ 15Hz 150 @ 15Hz
FL-1 Lumens - - - - - - - - -
Run Time 1 hr 1 hr 42 min 4 hrs 10 hrs 30 min 50 hrs 40 days 200 days 2 hrs 22 hrs
Center Lux -
Peak Beam Intensity 39,000 cd
Beam Throw Distance 395 meters


Hot Spot Spill 40° Hot Spot Diameter at 100m 8.7m Spill Diameter at 100m 72.8m
Body Aircraft Grade Aluminum
Body Finish Premium Type III Hard Anodization 400HV
Lens Impact Resistant Glass w/ Sapphire and Anti-Reflection Coating
Ingress Protection Rating IP 68 Impact Resistance 50 m
  Submersible Depth 50 m
On/Off Controls Constant On/Off: Click button once.
Momentary On: While off, press button slightly until on, but do not click. Remains on until button is released.
Momentary Off: While on, press button slightly until off, but do not click. Remains off until the button is released.
Output Selection
(Hunting Settings - Default)
Turbo: Tighten head.
Constant Outputs: Loosen head about 1/8 turn.
Cycle Additional Outputs: Turn flashlight off and on again, quickly, either using constant off (click) or momentary off (half press).
Cycle: Firefly1 -> Firefly2 -> Main1 -> Main2 -> Main3 -> (returns to Firefly1)
Output Selection
(Tactical Settings)

Constant Output: Tighten head.
Cycle Constant Output: Unscrew head 1/8 and re-tighten, quickly.
Cycle: Turbo <-> Main2

Strobe Output: Unscrew head 1/8.
Cycle Strobe Output: Tighten head and loosen 1/8 again, quickly.
Cycle: Strobe1<-> Strobe2

Switching Turbo Output Only one Turbo output will be used, two are available.
Switching Active Turbo:
- Momentary on the flashlight at least 15 times, quickly.
- Switch the flashlight on.
- The output will blink once to indicate Turbo1 has become active or twice to indicate Turbo2 has become active.
Switching Between
Hunting and Tactical Settings
Start with the head tight.
Loosen the head 1/8 and re-tighten 10 times, quickly (<1 sec per time).
Features Auto-Memorizing: The flashlight will recall the last used constant output level.
Lock-Out Function: Loosen the tail cap 1/4 turn to prevent accidental turning on of the flashlight.
Low Battery Indication:
- If the batteries are getting low, the output of the flashlight will flash (twice) 30 seconds after being turned on.
-- If the user is uncertain if it flashed, turn the flashlight off and on again to repeat the check.
- If the batteries are reaching critical, the output will drop to Firefly.