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  • Armytek Wizard Pro V3 Headlamp w/ XHP50 LED
  • Armytek Wizard Pro V3 on Headband
  • Armytek Wizard Pro V3 on Handband/Armband

Armytek Wizard Pro V3 XHP50


Brand: Armytek

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Product Description

The one remaining Warm White version is the old packaging (basic brown cardboard).


This is currently the most powerful version of the Wizard from Armytek. Capable of twice the output compared to the XP-L version and longer run times when run on similar outputs. (The XP-L Max output is 1120 LED lumens for 66 minutes, the XHP50 Second Turbo is 1250 LED lumens for 100 minutes.)

This is available in both Cool White and Warm White versions.

Output Group Firefly Main
LED Lumens - - - - - -
OTF Lumens 0.15 1.5 5.5 30 165 390
ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Lumens - - - - - -
Run Time 200 d 40 d 12 d 50 h 10 h 40 m 4 h 10 m

Output Group Turbo / Max Strobe
LED Lumens - 2300 - - - -
OTF Lumens 900 1800 - 165 @ 1Hz 1800 @ 1Hz 1800 @ 1Hz
ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Lumens - - - - - -
Run Time 1 h 40 m 1 h - 35 h 3.5 h 2 h

* Outputs and run times based on 18650 3400mAh battery.
** Warm White Max Output is 2150 LED Lumens with all other outputs reduced by the same percentage (~6.5%).

Beam Profile:
Hot Spot: 70°
Spill (Flood): 120°
Hotspot Diameter at 100m: 140 m
Center Lux: - lux
Peak Beam Intensity: 4200 cd
Beam Throw Distance: 130 m

** Warm White has lower PBI and Throw Distance, exact numbers not available (likely ~6.5% lower).

1* 18650

Operating Voltage: 0.0V - 0.0V
Operating Temperature: -25°C to +40°C

On/Off Control: Button
- Single Click On: on at last used output
- Hold On: Firefly Outputs (Release right away)
-- Continued Holding: Battery Type Settings, Manufacturer Set to 18650
- Double Click On: Main Outputs
- Triple Click On: Max Output
- Quadruple Click On: Strobe Outputs

Mode Switch Control: Button (while on)
- While in Main, Double Click: Switch to Firefly Outputs
- While in Any Not-Main, Double Click: Switch to Main Outputs
- While in Any, Triple Click: Switch to Max Output
- While in Any, Quadruple Click: Switch to Strobe Outputs
- While in Firefly, Hold: Cycle Firefly Outputs
- While in Main, Hold: Cycle Main Outputs
- While in Max, Hold: Switch Turbo Outputs
- While in Strobe, Hold: Switch Strobe Outputs

Lock Out: Loosen Tail Cap 1/4 Turn
- Prevents flashlight from being activated. Battery level indication does not funciton while locked out.

Battery Level Indication: LED in Button
- Indicates the battery power level, by default it does not operate while in the off state or firefly outputs.
- Activate Off and Firefly Functionality: Loosen tail cap 1/4 turn, hold button, tighten and loosn tail cap, release button.
- Battery Levels:
>25% : flash every 5 seconds, green
<25% : flash every 2 seconds, orange
<10% : flash every second, red
- Internal Temperature:
Warm : flash 3 times with 2 second gap, orange
Hot : flash 3 times with 1 second gap, red

Length: 10.1 cm
Body Diameter: 2.45 cm
Head Diameter: 2.9 cm
Weight (w/o Batteries): 48 g

LED: Cree XHP50
- Cool White (----K)
- Warm White (----K)

** Exact colour temperature values are not provided. Warm appears to be on the Warm/Neutral border.

Body Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Body Finish: Premium Type III Hard Anodization 400HV

Lens: Impact Resistance Glass w/ Sapphire and Anti-Reflection Coating

Dust/Water Resistance Rating: IP 68
Impact Resistance: 10m
Submersible Depth: 10m

Package Contents:
 Wizard Multi-light
 Pocket Clip
 2 Spare O-Rings
 Silicone Holder (Installed)
 Handband (Armband)
 Lanyard Ring
 Magnet (Installed, Inside Tail Cap, Removeable)


MackOutdoors Opinion

We've liked the Wizard headlamps for their output and durability. When the V3 XP-L was released, we got some in and were satisfied that they were an improvement over the XM-L2... but now we have the V3 XHP50 and are really impressed. The area that one of these lights up is impressive and it lights it up really well... putting this version of the Wizard apart from all other LED headlamps we have had. On top of all that, the run times have improved over other versions (including the XP-L version). Anyone looking for a powerful headlamp should put this one at the top of the list.

Grant has acquired an XHP50 Warm for himself.

Product Reviews

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  1. Excellent work light Review Rating

    Posted by Nathan Lee on 30th Oct 2016

    This is my first quality headlamp and first warm tint led. The beam pattern is perfect for a work light as the hotspot is bigger than the spill on most hand held lights. And the spill extends nearly to the end of my peripheral vision. The transition between the two is very smooth and I find I aim it a bit high so far away I see with the hotspot, and close in I'm working in the spill to cut down on glare.

    The warm led is very familiar and easy on the eyes. As a vinyl sider I'm always working on white walls and discerning pencil marks on dark greys, blues, and browns. The tint helps bring out the pencil and also shows dirt on the material quite well. It is also much softer when it bounces back off white walls and shiny aluminum. I feel it does bring a slight pink/red hue to things at times and slightly over accentuates reds and browns.

    Run time is very good as I always work between 40-400 lumens. Being a very floody light I occasionally use it on turbo to light up the whole side of a house to double check things. Definitely gets some stares on the worksite as it looks pretty strange and lights things up like the sun.

    I highly recommend this light in warm as a work light.

  2. nice light Review Rating

    Posted by Jamie on 8th Sep 2016

    The light is very nice. I work at a golf course, I use to see when cutting greens at 4am. The light realistically provides apx. 20ft forward and 8ft of usable side light for my application. I would rate it a 5 but this is my 2nd light. The first light went "wonky" for no reason. I purchased it directly from Armytek. They want me to make and submit an in-depth video demonstrating the problems before they will even think about replacing the light..... really ? I have yet to make the video, although I will soon. I figured I would buy a replacement anyway. I have purchased from Mack Outdoors before and they have been great !! I only wish that I would have purchased the 1st light thru them, but they had no stock at the time.