Armytek Barracuda Pro V2 XP-L HI

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LED Lumens 1450 - - - - -
OTF Lumens 1200 440 200 70 2 0.2
ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Lumens - - - - - -
Runtime 1h 30m 5h 20m 13h 40m 60h 36d 200d

Additional Output: Strobe

Beam Profile:
  Hot Spot: 5°
  Spill (Flood): 40°
  Hotspot Diameter at 100m: 9m
  Beam Throw Distance: 970m
  PBI: 235,000 cd

  1 or 2* 18650
  2 or 4* 16340 (RCR123A)
  2 or 4* CR123A

Operating Voltage: Do not exceed 14.8V or four Li-Ion batteries or four Lithium Primary batteries.
Operating Temperature: -25°C to +40°C

On/Off Control: Tail Cap Switch
Mode Switch Control: Tail Cap Switch
  - rapid off then on to switch output

  Length: 26.2 cm
  Body Diameter: 2.54 cm
  Head Diameter: 6.4 cm
  Weight (w/o Batteries): 303g

Tint: Cool White 5500K

Body Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Body Finish: Premium Type III Hard Anodization 400HV

Lens: Impact Resistance Glass w/ Sapphire and Anti-Reflection Coating

Dust/Water Resistance Rating: IP 68
Impact Resistance: 30m
Submersible Depth: 50m

Package Contents:
Plastic Case
Barracuda v2 LE Flashlight - Long Body installed
Barracuda Holster
Short Body w/ Rubber Grip and Two Rubber Rings
2 Rubber Rings
Spare Rubber Button Cover
2 Spare O-Rings

Armytek's limitd edition version of the search and rescue Barracuda flashlight has an XP-L HI LED for increased throw distance compared to the regular Barracuda v2. While the lumens, beam angles and run time are the same as the regular v2, the PBI (Peak Beam Intensity) is more than doubled - this is because much of the light that would be in the spill is instead in the beam, which gives it the incredible throw distance.

The Barracuda comes with two bodies. The regular long body fits two 18650 batteries. The shorter body only fits one 18650 battery and is designed for use with the two rubber rings and the rubber grip ring.