550 Paracord - Aquatica

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7 Strand Nylon Parachute Cord

Colour: Aquatica

Breaking Strength: 550lb

Core: 7-Strands of 2-Pair Twisted Nylon Fibres (Commercial Grade)

Made in the USA.

These cords can be used in a wide range of applications, including tie-down straps, braided bracelets, knife handle wrapping, clotheslines, halyard lines, garden lines, awning lines and any other non-life-safety applications while camping, boating or at home and work.

Warning: Accessory cords are not for use as lead climbing ropes.

When ordering multiples (ie: 2*25ft, 3*100ft), it can be ordered as a continuous (single) length of cord by unchecking the 'Separate Cords' option. Paracord spools may have splices, therefore any continuous lengths over a few hundred feet may not be confirmed as continuous. If 10*100ft is selected then a full spool of paracord will be sent as is and may or may not be fully continuous; ordering a full spool (10*100ft) will likely require contacting us to place an order.