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About MackOutdoors

We are a Canadian owned and operated company.

We are currently in transition from MackOutdoors ownership to Wristen Retail. MackOutdoors will still be the website and emails, but Wristen Retail will appear on credit card or PayPal transactions.

Roy Wristen is now the owner.


Who :

MackOutdoors is owned by Grant Mackenzie. He handles ordering in stock and most customer interactions (phone / email). He is an outdoor enthusiast - camping, fishing, exploring, diving, boating.

Roy Wristen is the general worker, mostly handling filling customer orders, updating the website, online marketing and the social media pages.

This may be just a small - two man - company, but we strive for quality service. We both enjoy flashlights, shamelessly.

What :

We are an online retailer of LED flashlights, batteries, knives and survival supplies. We don't just sell these products, we use them ourselves. We carry brands that we have found to be of high quality and reliability.

Where :

We are located just inside Abbotsford, near Aldergrove. For people not local to the Fraser Valley, we are a few hours outside Vancouver, British Columbia. We operate out of a home office at:
1045 251A St, Aldergrove BC, Canada V4W 2S8

When :

Our online store is open to take orders 24/7.

In store meetings are by appointment only. If you would like to come talk with us in person and see some of the flashlights, call or email us to arrange a time to come out and meet us.

Our office hours (available call times) are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Time - PST/PDT). Phone: 604-614-8401 Email: customerservice@mackoutdoors.ca

We are closed on Sundays and holidays.

Shipments are typically sent out at 3:00 pm each business day.

Why :

We enjoy powerful LED flashlights and believe that 'standard' flashlights should be replaced with this new and better type of flashlight. These use special LEDs that are more powerful than the basic LEDs found in cheap store flashlights.

As for the batteries, if we are going to offer powerful flashlights of an advanced technology, we should offer batteries to match. Alkaline isn't able to perform as well as Ni-MH, Lithium, Li-ion or Li-Po. On top of that, some of the less common batteries can be harder to find (18650, CR123A).

With our enjoyment of the outdoors, we find it useful to have a good knife on hand and survival supplies. It just makes sense to offer those same products to customers. Everyone should have some sort of survival kit at home, even a basic one, in case of emergencies or disasters. The same applies to going on wilderness adventures, better to think it is 'wasting' supplies when cleaning and bandaging a wound than to need medical attention for an infection. If blood is coming out, contaminants can get in.

Legal and Liability :

To err is human - MackOutdoors reserves the right to correct any errors found on our site. Please notify us immeadiatly if you find an error and we will make every effort to remedy the issue. We will notify you as soon as possible if it concerns an order.

You must be 18 years of age or older to order products from our site.

MackOutdoors assumes no responsibility or liability for the misuse, inappropriate use, accidental use or stupid use of any of our products. The buyer warrants their own complete responsibility and liability, and to be in compliance with the country/federal, provincial/state and municipal laws for their area. All orders placed through MackOutdoors are solely the purchasers responsibility.

Any order placed with MackOutdoors is an agreement with these terms by the customer.